Welcome to Datong Elementary School

Welcome to Datong Elementary School, nestled in the picturesque Shengang Township of Changhua County, where learning and discovery go hand in hand. Our school, bordered by the majestic Dadu River and the vast Taiwan Strait, offers a unique educational experience.

At Datong, we’re passionate about environmental sustainability. Our curriculum is designed to deepen your understanding of nature and our role in preserving it. We’re not just learning about the environment; we’re part of it.

Datong encourages a 'Maker Spirit' - fostering creativity, problem-solving, and hands-on learning. Here, your ideas take shape, and your imagination becomes a tangible reality.

As global citizens, we’re connected to a larger world community. Our curriculum includes global issues, cultural studies, and international relations, equipping you with a broadened perspective and adaptability.

We believe in the holistic development of each student. Physical health and mental well-being are integral to our educational philosophy, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling school experience.

Ready to embark on an enriching learning journey at Datong Elementary? We eagerly anticipate your arrival, where together, we’ll explore, innovate, and excel.



大同鼓勵「創客精神」 - 培養創造力、解決問題能力和動手學習。在這裡,你的想法將成形,你的想像將成為現實。





Latest News

On December 9, 2023, Datong Elementary School in Shengang Township, Changhua County, marked its 71st anniversary. This special day was also the occasion for the inauguration of the new Ren'ai Building and a sports field. County Magistrate Wang, along with other notable guests, attended the event and praised the advancements made under Principal Li's leadership.

During the celebration, Principal Li recognized the presence of various local leaders and educators, such as legislators, councilors, education department officials, and community members.

County Magistrate Wang extended her congratulations to the school on this significant anniversary and the opening of the new facilities. She noted that the funding for the earthquake-resistant Ren'ai Building, which comprises 21 classrooms, was a joint effort by the Ministry of Education and the county government. The sports field was also refurbished and constructed with financial assistance.

The design of the Ren'ai Building is influenced by the local sea and wetland elements of Shengang. These design choices are intended to foster a superior teaching and learning environment.

Magistrate Wang lauded the school's staff, the parent-teacher association, and the students for their dedication and success, highlighting their achievements in a national basketball championship, an English group reading contest, and a student art competition.

Principal Li expressed his appreciation to Magistrate Wang and the Ministry of Education for their substantial support in revitalizing the school, especially with the introduction of digital learning facilities. He hopes that these improvements will provide the students with a joyful and fruitful learning experience.